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TB's - M

TB Marty Gras Ball

Sold Out $16.00  MARDI GRAS BALL
(Thomas Johnson, 2014) 35" (89 cm), M-L
S. and style arms white; F. violet wash below beard becoming dark violet toward edge, touched yellow at hafts, ¹⁄₈˝ white band at rim; beards tangerine; slight fragrance.

Mariposa Autumn TB Iris

Not Available 2021  MARIPOSA AUTUMN (Tasco 1999)M & re 33" Rosy violet on white Plicata; ruffled; white and violet beard. HM AM

Master Of Disguise

Sold Out $10.00
MASTER OF DISGUISE (Paul Black, 2012) 36" (91 cm), M-L S. wide charcoal-wine band, light butter center heavily sanded and veined charcoal-wine, interior white with wide charcoal-wine plicata band; style arms dark wine, violet ridge, saddle tan edges; F. white, hafts heavily sanded and dotted wine, center heavily sanded and washed mid yellow leaving white veins, wide red-brown dotted and sanded plicata band, heavier toward edge; beard hairs based white, tips old gold; pronounced musky fragrance. Limited


Masterwork TB Iris

Sold Out $9.50 MASTERWORK (Zurbrigg 2001)EL39" Standards w with lavender tint; falls light violet-blue; red beard with violet horn.  


Montmartre TB iris

Sold Out $16.00 MONTMARTRE (Keppel 2008) EM 33"Standards red-purple, ¼˝ yellow rim; Falls velvety dark red purple, darker, narrow white rim, white around yellowbeard.HM 2010, AM 2012. Limited


Momma'sAngel TB

(Spoon 2009) 36" EM Pure white glaciata ; beards white tipped yellow deep in throat; ruffled, flared, laced; slight sweet fragrance.  Limited


Moonlit Waters       

$17.00 MOONLIT WATER (Keith Keppel,. 2005), 36" (91 cm), EML S. greyed violet lighter towards center , lemon to greenish lemon edges and base; style arms white, to greenish lemon , flushed lavender blue ; F. blue violet shaded darker, large white area around beard, hafts edged lemon, pale agate grey rim; beards cream at end, lemon middle, orange yellow in throat.


TB Mount royal      

$9.00 MOUNT ROYAL (Morgan, 1929) Historic Canadian introduction. bitone purple. Named after Montral landmark


B Mountain Halo      

Sold Out $22.00 MOUNTAIN HALO (Richard Ernst, 2009) TB, 35" (89 cm), ML S. blended violet-purple edge fading to near white at midribs; style arms violet purple; F. white, honey shoulders; beards tangerine


Mulberry Memories TB Iris       

$9.00 MULBERRY MEMORIES (Sutton 2002)ML37" Mulberry violet with white beard and white around beard..


My Ginny TB

Sold Out $16.00 MY GINNY (Donald Spoon, 2000) , 30" (76 cm), ML S. and style arms pearl pink; F. purplish pink border grading smoothly to large pink central area; beards bright tangerine, white at end, cherry red in throat; ruffled, lightly laced, flared


TB Iris Mystery Book

Not Available 2021 MYSTERY BOOK (Black 2005)ML 43" Light blue Standards; violet Falls with lighter spot around dark orange beard.