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Daring Deception TB
Sold Out $16.00 DARING DECEPTION (Thomas Johnson, R. 2012) Sdlg. TB127B. TB, 35" (89 cm), M S. white, light violet wash up midrib; style arms white; F. plush violet, wide white band, white spray on either side of beard; beards tangerine; slight fragrance.
Dark Passion

Sold Out $16.00 DARK PASSION (Schreiner, R. 1998) Sdlg. CC 270-1. TB, 35" (89 cm), M Ebony black (RHS 202A to 103A) self; beards black; lightly ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Daughter Of Stars TB iris
Sold Out $16.00 DAUGHTER OF STARS (Spoon 2001) EM & re 35" Standards purple, near-white edge; Falls deep purple in center grading lighter lighter veins, thin white edge, white area and ray pattern around beard; beards white, hairs tipped yellow in throat; ruffled, flared; HM AM Wister 2007.Limited

Destined To Dance TB

$11.00 DESTINED TO DANCE ( Blyth 2010) 38" M S. icy white, slight blue cast; F. icy white, bluish cast and faint blue center line on first day, greenish yellow hafts; beards white base tipped lemon, ½˝ white end; slight sweet fragrance.



Sold Out $19.00 DIALECT (Thomas Johnson, 2007) , 32" (81 cm), E
S. rosy orchid, light buff veining, buff yellow edges, deeper buff-orange at base; style arms buff orange sides, violet stripe on either side of buff orange rib, crests buff washed violet; F. deep red-violet, orange wash around central white patch; beards deep tangerine, white at end; ruffled; sweet fragrance.


Don't Stop eleiving TB
Sold Out $21.00 DON'T STOP BELIEVING (Thomas Johnson, 2013) , 42" (107 cm), L S. and style arms clear mid pink; F. milk glass white, pink hafts and edge; beards salmon-pink in middle, lilac-blue end; sweet fragrance; ruffled; lightly laced

Dorcus Lives Again TB Iris

Not Avail;able 2021 DORCAS LIVES AGAIN (Miller, B 1984)E 36" Light lavender, paler spot under yellow bd..

Dorathy Gee TB Iris
Not Available 2021 DOROTHY GEE (Little 1964)L 37" Pink standards; falls darker pink; tangerine beard. Canadian historic.

Dream Of Gold TB Iris

Not Available 2021 DREAM OF GOLD (Black 1997)M 36" Dark gold standards: rust over gold with gold rim and veins; orange beard.