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TB's - W-Z

War Chief

WAR CHIEF (Schreiners1992) EM 37"  Ruby red self; yellow beard; 11-13 buds. HM.............$12.00

Wild And Craxy

(Black 2014) 32" (81 cm), E-M-L S. mid-light pink, crystalline gilt rim, green veins up midrib; style arms mid-light peach, cream edges; F. white center blending to light buff to light peach, purple reverse shows through translucent front to create a slate haze, heavily incised green texture veins; beards tangerine in throat and middle, white end; slight musky fragrance; Celestar patterened glaciata; standard and fall petal reverse exposed to sun just prior to opening turns purple............SOLD OUT $25.00

Windjamer Seas

WINDJAMERS SEAS (Johnson 2003) M 36" Light blue washed violet; light blue beard..............$15.00.  


wizzard Of Odds

WIZARD OF ODDS (Black. 2009) 34" (86 cm), EM S. bright gold, extremely variable ruby wash; style arms bright gold, variable ruby streaks; F. bright gold, random ruby red streaks and splashes, sometimes half streaked, half solid ruby red on same petal; beards bright yellow-gold; ruffled; extremely variable broken color from petal to petal and flower to flower; slight spicy fragrance HM 2011, AM 2013.........Sold Out $20.00.

Yukon Lil

YUKON LIL (2015) ML 31" Another cold hardy TB. White standards with pink flush stating at base; falls white flushed pink with rosy-violet picoted rim. Bright coral-red beard to set it all off. Nine flowers in my zone 4B garden. Slight sweet fragrance...............SOLD OUT $18.00


TB Youre The One

YOUR’RE THE ONE (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 38” (97cm) Sweetly scented. Standards are a light lavender pink. Falls are a very light pink to almost white, deepening to a light pink rim. Beards are coral pink in the throat and frosted lavender at the end.........SOLD OUT $30.00.