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Tangerine Treat

TANGERINE TREAT (Chuck Chapman 2021) 31" White standards. Falls amber-tan with central white spot with reddish-amber lines. Stylearms white with thin amber rim on end. Coral-red beard. Flaring Long bloom season with sequential flowering . Very distinctive. No detectable scent...............SOLD OUT $20.00.


Tase Of Orange

TASTE OF ORANGE (Chuck Chapman 2021) E-L 35" Long bloom season with many buds opening in sequence. Standards pale peach with wide band of medium yellow. Falls blended apricot darkening towards outer edge. Veining in wide area around coral red beard. Slight spice fragrance..........SOLD OUT $20.00.


Through the Looking glass

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS ( Black. 2019) , 32" (81 cm), E-M S. and style arms mid yellow; F. same, white circular patch 1˝ around beard; beards based white, tips mid-light yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance. Glaciata ...................SOLD OUT $21.00


Toasted Marshmallow

TOASTED MARSHMALLOW (2021) 13-610-2 TB L 35" Standards open faintest blue and quickly fade to wgite. Standards are light chocolate with striking yellow edge. White veining in throat and bright coral beards. Slight sweet scent. Sdlg 13-610-2: (Honey Fruit Cocktail Cajun Rhythm) .............SOLD OUT $20.00.


Touch Odf Spring

(C. Applegate, R. 1972) 29" (74 cm), EM & RE S. white, heavily stippled violet (Nickerson 5P 3/9); F. white, slightly stronger violet edge; yellow beard tipped white.......$10.00.



(Ghio 2004) 42" EM Alabaster pink, S. with deeper midrib, F. with deeper shoulders; beards coral, blue at end. HM 2006, AM 2008....Withheld for increase



TRUMPED (Burseen. 2008) TB, 35" (89 cm), ML S. white, saffron yellow base; style arms light blue-white, strong feathered saffron yellow tips; F. plum purple (RHS 79B), lighter washed edges, cream washed center, strong bronze hafts, black center line from beard to tip of petal; beards bronze, fat; ruffled. Don’t Miss This X Starring. HM 2012, AM 2014...................SOLD OUT $15.00

Tuscan Summer

TUSCAN SUMMER ( Keppe. 2010) 38" (97 cm), M S. blackish port wine shaded red brown, slight light yellow ground showing in lower center; style arms java brown , slight yellow lace points; F. blackish port wine edge and striations, intense dandelion gold ground; beards mustard yellow. HM 2012, AM 2014, Wister 2016...................SOLD OUT $23.00 .


Truth Or Dare

(T Johnson 2018) 36" (91 cm), L S. lemon-yellow, deeper at base; style arms lemon; F. white, faint yellow band near edge, rusty red blaze in center; beards tangerine; slight fragrance.......SOLD OUT $26.00. .

Twilight Cloud

TWILIGHT CLOUD (Chapman 2000)EM37" Pale violet standards: falls mid vlt, lighter around lilac violet and yellow beard....................SOLD OUT $17.00


Twilight Snow

TWILIT SNOW (S Markham 2019) 38" (97 cm), M S. very pale blue (near white); style arms very pale blue; F. same as standards, shading to darker blue in throat; beards medium blue-violet...................$17.00