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Garden Bride
GARDEN BRIDE (Chapman 1998)ML37" Ruffled clean white self and beard; good in cold climates........SOLD OUT $15.00

Gentle woman
(Marky Smith 2008) 37" (94 cm), EML Glaciata S. clear orange sherbet pastel peach tint toward centers; style arms sides and crests yellow orange, cream midrib; F. pastel orange sherbet, edges slightly more intense color; center paling to cream peach below beard; beards cream tipped peach at end, red-orange in middle, orange toned red in throat; crimped ruffles; pronounced spicy fragrance.............Withheld for increase..


Ghost Train

(Schreiner, 2000) 37" (94 cm), M
Dark purple black (RHS 202A) self; beards dark purple black.......Withheld For increase .



(Paul Black 2015) 40" (102 cm), M-L S. palest grey-violet, darker midrib, ½˝ gilt gold rim; style arms palest grey-violet, gilt gold crests; F. mid russet hafts veined cream, palest violet center blended to light russet tan to darker edge; narrow gold rim, light green-yellow streak from end of beard; beards mid marigold; pronounced sweet fragrance...............SOLD OUT $23.00



GLADIATRIX ((Zurbrigg. 2003) 36" (91 cm), EM & RE S. yellow with light red overlay; style arms same, red center streak, pale lip; F. deep yellow overlaid red, deeper toward edge, hairline lighter edge, slightly deeper red centerline; beards tangerine orange, paler at end, small short horn; ruffled; slight fragrance. ...............SOLD OUT $18.00


Gnus Flash

(Kasperek. 1996) 38" E S. light tan fading to grey, slight violet on midribs streaked silver white; style arms tan, violet lip; F. dark to medium violethighlighted with creamy white streaking; beards yellow, tipped violet; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. HM 1998..........SOLD OUT $19.00


TB Gone Wild

(Schreiner, 2014) 34" (86 cm), M
S. tan-gold (RHS 162A), maroon (185A) wash; F. gold (16B), streaked with maroon, white veining on hafts; beard hairs based yellow, tips gold............SOD OUT $21.00


Goodvibrationn TB

GOOD VIBRATIONS (Schreiner 1997) 37" ML S. and style arms tangerine orange; F. white ), 1/2" tangerine orange marginal band; beards tangerine, white at end; ruffled; slight fragrance. . HM 1999, AM 200.............Withheld for increase.

GRACCHUS (Ware 1884) One of the earliest bearded named iris offererd for sale Shorter then TB iris, but it is it's historic classification...........Withheld for increase. ,


Grape Harvest

GRAPE HARVEST(Donald Spoon, 2005), 36" (91 cm), EM Deep purple-black self (much darker than (RHS 79A), S. lighter (79A) edge, F. grading to (79A) edges, lavender blue sunburst between dark venation around beards; beards lavender blue tipped lighter; ruffled, flared; pronounced grape fragrance.............SOLD OUT $14.00

Gupsy Lord TB

(Keith Keppel, 2006) , 40" (102 cm), ML S. blue white); style arms blue white , lavender tip; F. blue violet marbled wash and wire rim on pale......Withheld for increaser