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TB's - C1

Cajun Rhythmm TB Iri _

Sold Out CAJUN RHYTHM (Schreiner 1996) 36" L S. and style arms spanish orange (RHS 26B); F. bright ochre orange wash splashed white in center, 1" orange apricot (26A) outer band; beards tangerine; ruffled; slight fragrance. AM 1998. Erratic performer. Often blooms on short stalks.


Cameo Appearance TB Iris

Sold Out    CAMEO APPEARANCE Black 2006)  Standards blue violet lower half and rib blending into pearl grey-violet edge; style arms pearly buff-pink; F. light greyed violet-pink blending to greyed tan-pink, darker edge, purple deep in throat; beards tangerine peach; heavily laced; HM 2010


Canadian Northland

Not Available 2018     CANADIAN NORTHLAND A historic iris widely distributed, although not offically registered.


Canaveral TB Iris

Not Available 2018 S CANAVERAL (Sutton 2000)ML34" Standards white; falls light violet, darker in middle; violet and white horns; flagrant.


Cape Perpetua TB Iris

Not Available 2018
     CAPE PERPETUA (Schreiners 2006) ML 37" Laced & ruffled blue with white lines around lavender beard.


Captain's Choice TB

Sold Out CAPTAIN'S CHOICE (Schreiner. 2009) 35" , EM & RE S. and style arms white (RHS 155C); F. dark blue-violet (103D); beards yellow;


Canary Deligt TB

Not Available 2018      CANARY DELIGHT (Joan Roberts. 1997) 36", M S. white; F. canary yellow, white rim; beards bright deep gold; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance


Casino Cruiser TB

Not Available 2018
(Burseen 2008) 36" E S. blended light chrome yellow and buttercup yellow; style arms buttercup yellow; F. same as S., maize yellow hafts, texture veined; beards yellow gold, light chrome yellow spoons; ruffled; sweet fragrance. HM 2011.


Celebration Song TB

Sold Out    CELEBRATION SONG (Schreiner. 1993) 37" EML S. apricot pink (RHS 36C); F. blue lavender (91D); beards tangerine. . HM 1995, AM 1997, Wister 2000, Dykes 2003.


Celtic Clory TB

Not Available 2018     CELTIC GLORY (Harold Stahly 2000) 33" EM Ruffled medium tangerine orange self; beards tangerine; slight lemon fragrance.. HM 2003, AM 2005


Centuraty Bound TB

(Schreiner 2015) 40" M
S. white; F. blue-purple , white blaze around beards; beards yellow .

Champagne Elegance TB

Not Available 2018  CHAMPAGNE ELEGANCE (O. D. Niswonger 1987) 33" , M S. pale lavender pink; F. light buffy apricot; amber beard. HM 1989, AM 1991



Not available 2018    CHARISMATIC (George Sutton 2010) 37" , EML S. light peach-cream flushed pink; style arms light peach-cream; F. light devonshire cream; beards apricot orange; bubble ruffled; slight sweet fragrance


Charlie's Cloud TB Iris

Not Available 2018    CHARLIE'S CLOUD (Roberts 1998)ML37" Pale blue standards: falls white ; blue beard; Ruffled and slight Fragrant.

Cheap Frills TB Iris

Sold Out CHEAP FRILLS (Black 2009) EML38"Standards buff peach, darker edg F. white, light cinnamon plicata washed haft and ½˝ plicata band washed paler 1˝ inside band, medium brassy-green center stripe running ¾ of way down; beards dark red-orange; ruffled, lace.
HM 2011

City Of Stratford TB iriis

Not Available 2018 CITY OF STRATFORD (Miles 1946) Historic Canadian introduction. Rosy-violet standards; darker falls.


City Lights TB

Not Available 2018    CITY LIGHTS (Mary Dunn 1991) 37" M S. deep violet blue, lighter midrib; F. deep violet blue, large white area surrounding pale yellow beard. HM 1993, AM 1995