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TB's - E

Eagle Control TB Iris

EAGLE CONTROL (Sutton 1999)ML36" Lobelia blue; lighter falls with darker at midline; light blue beard with blue horn. Strong grower in cold climates HM........Withheld for increase


TB EAster Cady

EASTER CANDY (Keith Keppel, 2011) 37" (94 cm), EML S. light yellow ; style arms same, faint lavender midrib; F. light lavender-blue center shading to paler on remainder, shoulders touched citron yellow; beards chrome yellow , lavender blue at end...Withheld for increase.


Edge Of Heaven

EDGE OF HEAVEN (Thomas Johnson 2013) 36" (91 cm), M S. white, light gold bands; style arms white, gold edged style crests; F. large white fall spot transitioning to washed mid red-purple band to wide darker wine band; beards yellow-orange; slight fragrance...........$15.00


Edgefield Blow

EDGEFIELD GLOW (Schreiner 2011). . TB, 36" (91 cm), Early midseason bloom. Standards, style arms and Falls orange ; beards tangerine; S-curved stalk............SOLD OUT $16.00


English Cottage

ENGLISH COTTAGE ( Zurbrigg 1976) 34" E & REBLOOM (Aug/Sept) S. white with some very pale plicating of violet; F. white, light violet plicata markings at haft only; near white beard...........$9.00.

TB Eramosa Lassie
 ERAMOSA LASSIE (Chuck Chapman 2020) TB 34" E A unique colour. White with an olive-yellow large spot on falls. Lines in throat. Yellow beard

Eramosa Peach Sorbet

 ERAMOSA PEACH SORBET (2014) E 37" A cold hardy garden plant. High bud count (up to 12 buds in my zone 4 garden) a very long bloom season, fast increase and reliable performer. Closed standards are white with pink blushed centers. Falls are peach with narrow white rim and radiating lines around coral red beards. (Frontier Lady X unkn Faint floral fragrance..........$12.00.


Eramosa  Ridge

       ERAMOSA RIDGE (Chapman 2009)M 42"Rich royal purple plicata heavily stippled on Standards & Falls; purple beard. .Very cold hardy and prolific. Winner of Gold Medal in Russian International competition...........................................$9.00

Eternal Waltz TB Iris

EVERYTHING PLUS ( Niswonger 1984) TB 34" M S. pale blue white; F. white ground with deep violet plicata markings; purple beard tipped bronze. 1984. HM 1986, AM 1988, Dykes 1991............Withheld for increse.

Exotic Notions iris

EXOTIC NOTIONS ( Burseen. 2011) 6" (91 cm), EM S. peach ; style arms slightly darker peach; F. creamy peach, heavy pansy-violet (83B) wash deepest at edges, light phlox-purple rims; beards tangerine orange, gold at end; ruffled, laced; pronounced spicy fragrance.......$11.00.