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Tall Bearded
The spectacular and showy climax of the bearded Iris season. These plants are 27" and over in height. Blooming here from very late May to late June. Top award for class is John Wister Medal (JW). The top award for all Iris is the Dykes Medal (DM).

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A Grape Fit TB  

Sold Out $10.00
(Schreiner 2015) 35" M S. rose-violet; F. white ground, rose-violet plicata edging; beard hairs based dark orange, tips purple. A strong grower.

Absolute Star TB irs  

Mot available 2020
Schreiner's 2013) 37" M Standards. pale yellow; Falls cream , pale yellow on hafts, petal edges touched pale yellow; beard hairs based yellow, tips orange. While registration says 'M' it is one of last to bloom for me. Strong substanc, shrugs off hevy rain.

Acoma TB Iris  

Not available 020 ACOMA (MaGee 1990) E 30" Plicata; pale blue standards; violet margins on white; henna beard. HM AM JW

Action Packed TB

Not available 2020 ACTION PACKED (Black 2011) 36" M-VL S. white washed light tan-gold, prominent medium wine veining from edge inward to midribs, medium wine rim, inside more white; lower style arms light tan-gold, violet ridge, upper crest wine, alternating wine and gold stripes below; F. velvety purple-black, beard surrounded by white rays; beards violet base, hairs tipped orange. Good strong grower.


Alabaster Lace TB 

Sold Out $13.00 ALABASTER LACE
( Aitken, 2016) 42" , VL-VVL
White self; beards pale blue; heavily laced. .

ArArtist's Pallett TB

Not Available 2020 ARTIST'S PALETTE (
Chapman,. 2000) 38" ML S. violet, midrib touched brown, rim purple; style arms violet; F. butterscotch with lighter edge and thin chocolate band, brown shoulders with white haft markings, wide feathered violet band from beard to near edge, olive highlights becoming yellow at distal end; beards butterscotch; ruffled, lightly laced . Most riginal Colour - Florence 2002

Augustine TB

  Sold Out $10.50 AUGUSTINE (Schick 2005) 36" M S. pink orange; style arms orange; F. pink orange, shoulders rose orange; beards orange; laced; slight musky fragrance. HM 2007, AM 2009.

Autumn Tryst TB Iris

 $8.00      AUTUMN TRYST (Weiler 1993) EL Reblooer34" Rosy blue on white plicata; ruffled, branching. HM

Awesome Blossom TB

Not available 2020 AWESOME BLOSSOM (Black 2000) 32" ML S. peach pink, butter halo; style arms peach pink; F. warm white center texture-veined butter gold blending to wide butter gold band; beards tangerine orange; ruffled; slight musky fragrance. A plant that has shown good growth here, from parents that have cold tolerance. HM 2002, AM 2006.