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TB's - F

Falcon Pride TB Iris

   $8.00 FALCON PRIDE (Schreiner 2007) 40" ML S., style arms and F., blue violet F. wash to lighter blue at edges; beards yellow, blue at end; sweet fragrance


Fern Fraser Iris

  Sold Out Fern Fraser (Lloyd Zurbrigg, 1959) 36" (91 cm), Midseason bloom. , Standards yellow; Falls white, gold shoulders at haft; gold beard. A Canadian historic. Rarely found for sale.


fiery Echo iris

   $10.00 FIERY ECHO (Michael Sutton, 2013) 35" (89 cm), E-M-L S. and style arms lemon yellow; F. white, yellow veining extending into ¾˝ purple band, dark yellow orange edge; beards yellow orange; slight musky fragrance; ruffled


Florentine Silk TB Iris

Sold Out FLORENTINE SILK (Keppe2004) 40" ML S. peach, slight orchid basal infusion; style arms peach, orchid midrib; F. medium violet), narrow pinkish buff edge; beards light blue at end, base lavender white, carrot red in throat. HM 2007, AM 2009.

Fogbound TB Iris

$7.50 FOGBOUND (Keppel 1998)M 40" Standards blue white with lighter center; falls white with light pink hafts; pink orange beard; ruffled and fragrance. HM AM JW

Follow The fleet TB iris

Sold out FOLLOW THE FLEET (Moore 2001) ML 36' Ruffled marine blue, F. lighter by beard; beards yellow, base blue; slight sweet fragrance



   Not Available 2018 FOREVER AND A DAY (Paul Black. 2015) 37" (94 cm), E-M
S. mid gold; style arms mid-dark gold, mid brown ridge; F. mid amber haft, cream veins along beard, pale gold-cream center blended to light-mid gold, ½˝ mid caramel band darker on distal ¹⁄₃, tan-brown textured veins; beards dark caramel; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Free Space TB Iris

  Not Available 2018 FREE SPACE (Sutton 1999)ML35" Ruffled white self with white beard and flounce.

Frontier Lady TB Iris

Not Available 2018 FRONTIER LADY (Chapman 2001)EM34" White standards: falls has startling yellow-green veins; red beard. Trophy for most unusual colour in Florence 2005

fussion TB Iris

Not available 2018 FUSION
(M Sutton. 2009) 35" L-VL S. bright yellow, white streaks at edge, slight green veining at base and midribs; style arms cream blending to yellow, white crests; F. bright yellow sunburst at beards blending to ruby red, then blending to plum, blue lavender highlights on lower ¾ of petal, ¹⁄₈˝ blue rim on upper half of petal, tan rim on lower part; beards yellow.