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TB's - F

Falcon Pride TB Iris

   $8.00 FALCON PRIDE (Schreiner 2007) 40" ML S., style arms and F., blue violet F. wash to lighter blue at edges; beards yellow, blue at end; sweet fragrance


Fancy A flutter TB

Sold Out FANCY A FLUTTER (Barry Blyth 2007) , 36" (91 cm), M S. creamy white, faint cream cast; F. lemon yellow, deepening at hafts, brown ray pattern extending down half way then fading; beards lemon yellow. ____________________

Fern Fraser Iris

  Sold Out $7.50 Fern Fraser (Lloyd Zurbrigg, 1959) 36" (91 cm), Midseason bloom. , Standards yellow; Falls white, gold shoulders at haft; gold beard. A Canadian historic. Rarely found for sale.


fiery Echo iris

   $9.00 FIERY ECHO (Michael Sutton, 2013) 35" (89 cm), E-M-L S. and style arms lemon yellow; F. white, yellow veining extending into ¾˝ purple band, dark yellow orange edge; beards yellow orange; slight musky fragrance; ruffled


Florentine Silk TB Iris

Not available 2019 FLORENTINE SILK (Keppe2004) 40" ML S. peach, slight orchid basal infusion; style arms peach, orchid midrib; F. medium violet), narrow pinkish buff edge; beards light blue at end, base lavender white, carrot red in throat. HM 2007, AM 2009.

Fogbound TB Iris

$8.50 FOGBOUND (Keppel 1998)M 40" Standards blue white with lighter center; falls white with light pink hafts; pink orange beard; ruffled and fragrance. HM AM JW
Limited supply

Frontier Lady TB Iris

$10.00 FRONTIER LADY (Chapman 2001)EM34" White standards: falls has startling yellow-green veins; red beard. Trophy for most unusual colour in Florence 2005

fussion TB Iris

$12.00 FUSION
(M Sutton. 2009) 35" L-VL S. bright yellow, white streaks at edge, slight green veining at base and midribs; style arms cream blending to yellow, white crests; F. bright yellow sunburst at beards blending to ruby red, then blending to plum, blue lavender highlights on lower ¾ of petal, ¹⁄₈˝ blue rim on upper half of petal, tan rim on lower part; beards yellow. Limited supply