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TB's - B
Babbling Brook TB

  Not available 2021 BABBLING BROOK (Keppel 1966) 38" M Light blue self HC 1965, HM 1967, JC 1967, 1968, AM 1969, NTG Award 1968, AM 1969, Dykes 1972.


Before The Storm TB Iris

Sold Out $12.00 BEFORE THE STORM (Innerst 1989)M 36" Very dark inky black; black beard. HM AM WM



Not available 2021 BELLE FILLE (Marky Smith, 2015) 34" EML Luminata S. hyacinth violet , primrose ruffled edge and base; style arms cream edged and rimmed yellow, crests lilac touched yellow; F. vatican purple (83A), thin cream edge, cream white area surrounding beard, rudimentary luminata cream veining just below white heart, surrounded in turn by ? bright yellow ring bleeding out to brown shoulder, small white dart below beard; beards white base, hairs tipped yellow at end becoming solid golden poppy-orange in throat; heavily ruffled, luminata pattern; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Best Bet TB Iris
Sold Out $10.50 BEST BET (Schreiners1988)E r 36" Pale blue-wt standards; falls and beard dark blue; huge, great grower. HM AM


Black AS Night

Sold Out $12.00 BLACK AS NIGHT (Duane Meek, 1992) 37" (94 cm), ML
S. red black, flushed red at midrib; F. darker; beards black, tipped brown mustard; ruffled; slight fragrance


Blue Suade Shoes TB iris

  Sold Out $14.50 (limited one per customer) BLUE SUEDE SHOES
(Schreiner 1996) 39" ML Ruffled medium blue self; beards yellow, tipped white at end. HM 1998, AM 2000

TB Iris Blue Shimmer

Sold Out $12.00 (limited stock) BLUE SHIMMER (Sass 1941)L Stippled & peppered blue plicata on white ground      

Boston Cream TB

Sold Out $14.00 BOSTON CREAM (Keith Keppel. 2014) 31" (79 cm), E Glaciata . S. warm white style arms white; F. warm white, very faint green texture veining, shoulders lightly shaded apricot-buff; beards carmine in throat, white tipped cadmium-orange in middle, white end.


Bright Sunshinny Day

(Thomas Johnson,. 2010) EE. 41" (104 cm), M
S. and style arms bright yellow; F. glowing yellow overlaid with mahogany veins becoming dotting and stippling and then gold band; beards golden yellow; musky fragrance

Brindled Beauty

 Sold Out $14.50 BRINDLED BEAUTY
(Allan Ensminger, 1994) Sdlg. 88-54. TB, 34" (86 cm), ML
S. white with campanula splashes; F. white with campanula streaks and splashes; beards nasturtium red; slight fragrance. 0



$10.00 BUCKSKIN BABE (Chapman 2007)M 38" Buckskin orange with rose blush on falls; tangerine beard; tall large flowers, vigourous cold hardy . Forms good clump in garden, long bloom season