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TB's - B
Babbling Brook TB

  Sold Out BABBLING BROOK (Keppel 1966) 38" M Light blue self HC 1965, HM 1967, JC 1967, 1968, AM 1969, NTG Award 1968, AM 1969, Dykes 1972.


Backwater Blues TB Iris

Not Available 2018
     BACKWATER BLUES (Stahly 1999) EM 35" Blue veining on white ground, solid blue edge; blue beard. HM

Balderdask TB Iris

Not Available 2018 BALDERDASH ( Keppe. 2002) 36" M S. blended pastel golden buff to peach (M&P 10-B-2 to 10-A-4); style arms golden buff to peach, lavender midrib flush; F. blended imperial purple to greyed lilac; beards tile red HM 2004, AM 2006     

Before The Storm TB Iris

Sold Out BEFORE THE STORM (Innerst 1989)M 36" Very dark inky black; black beard. HM AM WM


Bellerive TB

Not Available 2018 BELLERIVE (C. Benson, 1949) 30" A light yellow historic. Limited



Sold Out BELLE FILLE (Marky Smith, 2015) 34" EML Luminata S. hyacinth violet , primrose ruffled edge and base; style arms cream edged and rimmed yellow, crests lilac touched yellow; F. vatican purple (83A), thin cream edge, cream white area surrounding beard, rudimentary luminata cream veining just below white heart, surrounded in turn by ? bright yellow ring bleeding out to brown shoulder, small white dart below beard; beards white base, hairs tipped yellow at end becoming solid golden poppy-orange in throat; heavily ruffled, luminata pattern; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Best Bet TB Iris
Not Available 2018 BEST BET (Schreiners1988)E r 36" Pale blue-wt standards; falls and beard dark blue; huge, great grower. HM AM


Better Than butter  TB

Not Available 2018 BETTER THAN BUTTER (Black 2010) 41" EML S. white, narrow bright yellow bands; style arms white, yellow crests; F. light medium yellow darkening toward edge, narrow muted gold band; beards pale yellow base tipped light tangerine; slight musky fragrance. HM 2012 Limited


Blondie's Blush TB

Sold Out BLONDIE'S BLUSH (M Sutton 2012) 38" M-L S. pale cream ground, heavily flushed salmon pink up midribs, orange buff edge; style arms orange buff; F. bright white, orange buff ¹⁄₈˝ edge changes to salmon at center edge; beards tangerine orange; pronounced sweet fragrance; ruffled; serrated.


Blueberry Ice

Sold Out BLUEBERRY ICE (Jim & Vicki Craig. 1997) 42" EML S. white, washed and dotted violet, 1/4" solid deep violet edge, midrib violet; style arms deep violet; F. white, violet 1/2" stitched edge, scattered dotting heavier near beard, 1/2" dart below beard; beards light blue at end, changing to dark yellow in throat; heavily ruffled; slight sweet fragranceM


Blue Suade Shoes TB iris

(Schreiner 1996) 39" ML Ruffled medium blue self; beards yellow, tipped white at end. HM 1998, AM 2000

Bld As Love TB

$8.00 BOLD AS LOVE (Lauer 2003) 35" EM Heavily ruffled peach pink; beards capsicum red; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Bold Look TB

Sold Out . BOLD LOOK (Schreiner 1993) 36" L Heavily ruffled bright deep radiant yellow, yellow signal; beards gold. HM 1996. Limirted .


TB Iris Blue Shimmer

Sold Out BLUE SHIMMER (Sass 1941)L Stippled & peppered blue plicata on white ground      

Blushing TB

Not Available 2018 BLUSHING (Black 2011) 32" ML S. light pink center blending to wide cream-yellow margins; style arms peach; F. warm white center blending to cream yellow margin, peach blush over haft; beards white base, hairs tipped tangerine; small flowers; slight spicy fragrance.

Bottle Rocket TB Iris

Not for sale 2018 t BOTTLE ROCKET (M Sutton 2010 ) EM 35" Orange standards; falls redish orange with orqnge veins and rim; red beard. Limited


Breakers TB iris

$7.50 BREAKERS (Schreiners 1986) M 37" Fluted and heavily ruffled true blue; dull blue beard tipped yellow ln throatHM 1988, AM 1990


Brother Carl TB Iris

   Not Available 2018 R BROTHER CARL (Zurbrigg 1983)M 36" White self; yellow beard tipped blue.



$5.00 BUCKSKIN BABE (Chapman 2007)M 38" Buckskin orange with rose blush on falls; tangerine beard; tall large flowers, vigourous cold hardy