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Spuria - D-H

Spuria Iris Dandelion Smile

$8.50 DANDELION SMILE (Cadd 2005)M 40"S creamy yl, dkr ctr; F crmy yl, lg dk yl ctr

Dena's Delight spuris Iris

DENA'S DELIGHT (McCowen 1982) L 48" Standards light reddish purple ; Falls moderate orange yellow bordered light reddish purple. HM

Destination Spuria Iris

DESTINATION (Hager 1984) M 40" Bright deep golden-orange self. HM NA
Doctor John Dougan Spuria
$9.00 DOCTOR JOHN DOUGAN (C Chapman,. 2015) (112 cm), EM S. red-chocolate brown, yellow veins; F. red-chocolate brown veins on intense yellow ground. Cinnamon Stick X unknown

Dress Circle Spuria Iris

Not Available 2019 DRESS CIRCLE (Hager 1985) ML36" Light violet veined cream; large gold signal with cream and violet edge. HM

Eagle Spuria

     EAGLE (Hager 1971) M 46 Tall burnt orange-yellow self. HM

Eleanor Hill Spuria Iris

Not Available 2019  
    ELEANOR HILL (Hager 1980) ML38" Lavender standards; bronze falls; dark yellow signal. HM

$7.00     ELFIN SUNSHINE (Jenkins 1998)VE28" Small pale yellow self; darker at base and stylearms. HM AM NA

Evening Dress Spuris Iris
Not Available 2019    
   EVENIG DRESS (Ghio 1983) ML 40" Standards. blackish blue purple; Falls blue purple with black sheen and slight yellow underglow at styles. HM  
Limited number

Farolita Spuris Iris
     FAROLITA (Hager 1966) M 49" Violet-lavender; orange-yellow signal. HM JC  

Golden Lady Spuria Iris

     GOLDEN LADY (Cooms 1958) M 54" Dependable older bright yellow self.  

Hickory Leaves Spuria Iris

( Niswonger. 1998) 42" M Yellow gold, F. with slightly deeper gold signal. HM 2003, AM 2006. Limited


Highland Amethyst Spuria Iris

(McCown. 1972) 42" M Deep reddish purple; yellow signal. HM 1977