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Oblivian IB Iris

     $7.50 OBLIVION (Smith, M 2003) E 25" Dark violet luminata on soft yellow ground, yellow beard and center of falls.  

Pan For Gold IB Iris

         $6.00 PAN FOR GOLD
(Chapman `07) EM 22" A yellow plicata, appears solid yellow from distance, great form.

Prince Of burgundy IB Iris

   $6.50 PRINCE OF BURGUNDY (Niswonger 1993 )M 22" Dark burgundy on white plicata. HM AM SM

Rare Edition IB iris

Not for sale 2019 RARE EDITION (Gatty 1980) EM 24" Mulberry purple plicata rim and small speckles on white ground, narrow on falls.; blue white beard faintly tipped bronzeHM 1982, AM 1984, Sass Medal 1986..


Rimaround IB Iris

Not Available 2019 RIMAROUND ( Aitken 2007) 22" ML (Purple plicata stitching on white ground, narrower on falls; style arms purple; beards white tipped purple

Ruby Slippers IB Iris

Not Available 2019 RUBY SLIPPERS (Keppel 2002) 22"M Standards burgundy; Falls velvety red black; beards solid orange red.HM 2004, AM 2006, Sass 2010


Spiked IB

Not Available 2019 SPIKED
(M Sutton, 2007) 22" EM & RE S. white ground heavily washed violet; style arms light red-violet, yellow at base; F. white ground, violet plicata edge, irregular violet lines radiating from lavender blue beards; spiked appendages on base of S. and shoulders of F.

Soleil IB

$7.00 SOLEIL
(Marky Smith, 2011) 26" EM S. and F. bright aureolin yellow; beards orange, yellow orange at end.


Star In the Night

Sold Out $7.50 STAR IN THE NIGHT
(Paul Black, 2011) 25" ML S. dark blue-purple; style arms dark inky blue-black; F. black, narrow blue-purple edge, subdued violet-white rays around beard with short dart at end of same; beards medium violet tipped medium greyed-orange in throat, light greyed-yellow in middle, white at end; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Yonkers IB
Not Available 2019 YONKERS
(G Sutton, R. 2013) 24" E-M & RE S. white ground, heavily washed dark violet-blue; style arms violet-blue, plum crests; F. bright white ground, dotted and edged dark violet-blue, near black at edges; beards old gold, hairs based pale violet, tips old gold; pronounced sweet fragrance.