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Oblivian IB Iris

     $7.00 OBLIVION (Smith, M 2003) E 25" Dark violet luminata on soft yellow ground, yellow beard and center of falls.  

Pan For Gold IB Iris

         $6.50 PAN FOR GOLD
(Chapman `07) EM 22" A yellow plicata, appears solid yellow from distance, great form.

Prince Of burgundy IB Iris

   $6.50 PRINCE OF BURGUNDY (Niswonger 1993 )M 22" Dark burgundy on white plicata. HM AM SM

Rare Edition IB iris

$5.50 RARE EDITION (Gatty 1980) EM 24" Mulberry purple plicata rim and small speckles on white ground, narrow on falls.; blue white beard faintly tipped bronzeHM 1982, AM 1984, Sass Medal 1986..


Red Hot Chilli IB

     Not for sale 2018 RED HOT CHILI (M Sutton, 2008) 18" EM & RE S. yellow ground heavily washed deep ruby red; style arms ruby red; F. bright yellow ground, rust red dotted edge; beards yellow; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2011

Rimaround IB Iris

Not Available 2018 RIMAROUND ( Aitken 2007) 22" ML (Purple plicata stitching on white ground, narrower on falls; style arms purple; beards white tipped purple

Ruby Slippers IB Iris

Not Available 2018 RUBY SLIPPERS (Keppel 2002) 22"M Standards burgundy; Falls velvety red black; beards solid orange red.HM 2004, AM 2006, Sass 2010


Spiked IB

Not Available 2018 SPIKED
(M Sutton, 2007) 22" EM & RE S. white ground heavily washed violet; style arms light red-violet, yellow at base; F. white ground, violet plicata edge, irregular violet lines radiating from lavender blue beards; spiked appendages on base of S. and shoulders of F.

Soleil IB

$7.50 SOLEIL
(Marky Smith, 2011) 26" EM S. and F. bright aureolin yellow; beards orange, yellow orange at end.


Star In the Night

(Paul Black, 2011) 25" ML S. dark blue-purple; style arms dark inky blue-black; F. black, narrow blue-purple edge, subdued violet-white rays around beard with short dart at end of same; beards medium violet tipped medium greyed-orange in throat, light greyed-yellow in middle, white at end; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance.

Yonkers IB
Not Available 2018 YONKERS
(G Sutton, R. 2013) 24" E-M & RE S. white ground, heavily washed dark violet-blue; style arms violet-blue, plum crests; F. bright white ground, dotted and edged dark violet-blue, near black at edges; beards old gold, hairs based pale violet, tips old gold; pronounced sweet fragrance.