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IB's - F-N

Fast Forward IB

$7.50 FAST FORWARD ( Aitken, 2002) 24" M & RE S. soft blue violet, base flushed deeper violet; F. soft yellow, hafts washed amber; beards white, hairs tipped yellow. HM 2006


Flying Circus IB Iris

Not Available 2018 FLYING CIRCUS (Keppel 2004) E 24" Standards apricot flushed pale lilac; Falls white ground, heavily plicata washed or lined reddish mulberry, edge buff; beards coral. HM 2009


Fortune hunter IB Iris

$ 7.50 FORTUNE HUNTER (Paul Black 2004) 26" M S. medium light peach gold; style arms medium peach gold; F. medium peach gold, center blended darker; beards orange, base white; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

Go for It IB Iris

Not for sale 2018 GO FOR IT
(L Miller 2004) 19" M S. light rosy brown; style arms pale rosy brown; F. white, banded purple; beards purple; slight musky fragrance. .

Honey Glazed IB Iris

$7.00 HONEY GLAZED (Niswonger1983) 24" M S. cream; F. amber; gold beard. . HM 1985, AM 1987, Sass Medal 1998.


IB Iris In A Flash
$7.00 IN A FLASH (Black 2004) 22" Dark red-purple w/ltr rim; bright org bd. HM


Man's Best Friend IB Iris

Not for sale 2018 -MAN'S BEST FRIEND (Black 2008)ML25" Light slate-violet standards and rim on red-brown falls; yellow beard.

Many Maholas IB

(Aitken 2003) 19" ML & Re Orange self; beards deep orange. HM 2007, AM 2010

Microburst IB

Not Available 2018 MICRO BURST
(Tasco 2009) 25" M S. dark violet-purple veined lighter, blackish purple midrib, thin old-gold rim; style arms white, light purple blush on sides; F. dark violet-purple sanded and veined lighter, bottom half velvety black, white area near beard, light bright yellow edges near hafts, thin old gold rim on upper sides; beards tangerine in throat, golden tangerine in middle, white at end; moderately ruffled, luminata pattern; slight fragrance. HM 2012

Midnight Run IB

Not Available 2018 MIDNIGHT RUN (G Sutton, 2013) 21" E-M S. red purple, black highlights; style arms red purple, violet stigmatic lip, yellow at base; F. plum, purple black overtones; beards yellow, hairs based purple black, tips yellow; slight musky fragrance.


Ming IB Iris

      $7.50 MING (Smith, M 1998) M 25" Dresden yellow standards and hafts on creamy yellow falls; cream beard; Fragrant. HM AM


Night shift IB

NIGHT SHIFT ( Aitken 1986) 24" M Deep violet; self beard. HM 1988.