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Special Events


Chapman Iris
8790 Wellington Rad 124,

As this season is late show, times for open house are scheduled later then in mosrt years. Dates may change later as we see how bloom season progresses.If using GPS or mapquest use Rockwood or Erin as city.

Open House for viewing will be by arrangement



Contact me at to arrange a viewing

Necessary as no room for visitors to pass each othersafely in garden




Spuria peak July1-15th viewing by appointment

Gardens are usually open for visitors between 8am and 8pm. If you drop by in other than open house times you are invited to view the plants in bloom, but I may be busy, and if in morning, I'll likely be concentrating on hybridizing. You will need to search me out if you have any questions. To be sure that I'm home an e-mail will alert me to expect you. <>

These are growing and hybridizing gardens, so come prepared with appropriate footwear. Gardens can be muddy if raining or recently had rain.

MDB peak bloom approximately May 15-19th
SDB peak bloom approximately May 22-29th
IB peak bloom approximately May 25-30th
TB peak bloom approximately June 9-19th
Siberian peak bloom approximately June 12-June 20th
Spuria peak bloom July 1-15th

All of these times are variable and weather dependent. Spuria peak is very variable.