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Iris Awards

Various awards are presented to iris varieties each year by the American iris Society.  These awards represent what is considered the best of the iris of each type.  The newest varieties have not had enough time to win all the awards that they may eventually win as there is a time eligibility.  Sometimes only the highest award won is listed. It is safe to assume the the HM &/or AM have also been awarded.

EC - Exhibition Certificate. Awarded to top seedlings in an American Iris Society certified show.
HC - High Commendation. Requires five votes from certified judges. This is usually a difficult award to receive and usually promises high quality.
HM - Honourable Mention. An Iris is eligible for this two years after its introduction.
AM - Award of Merit. A limited number awarded to Iris two years after they have received an HM.
SM - Hand and Jacob Sass Medal. One awarded each year to an Intermediate Bearded.
CD - Cook-Douglas Medal. One awarded each year to the best Standard Dwarf Bearded.
CW - Caparne-Welch Medal. One awarded each year to the best Miniature Dwarf Bearded.
WW - Williamson-White Award. One awarded each year tothe best Miniature Tall Bearded.
JW - J. Wister Medal. One awarded each year to the best Tall Bearded.
DM - Dykes Medal. Top award given out the maximum of once a year. An Iris is now eligible only after winning the top award in its class.