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Sibe A-J  /  Sibe K-Z

These plants require more moisture than the Bearded Iris to do their best, but will tolerate the same conditions. They do well and look good at the side of a pond. They have narrow foliage which looks good all year and can serve the same function as ornamental grass - with the added bonus of flowers. Bloom time is just after the Tall Bearded. Most varieties are around 3' tall, but there are smaller ones.

shipped in September, not shipped with the Bearded Iris.

ausable river siberian

$9.00     AUSABLE RIVER (Cassebeer 1969)L 30" Lobelia blue self. HM


Siberian Iris Banish misfortune

$10.00 BANISH MISFORTUNE (Schafer & Sack1999)EM 45" Light blue Standards with dqrker veins; Falls with yellow veins on yellow. HM AM

Blue Pennet Siberian

BLUE PENNANT (McEwen 1972) M 30" Velvety dark violet blue with blue blaze with light yellow edge. HM

Butter And Sugar SIB

BUTTER AND SUGAR (McEwen, R. 1977) 27" M S. white with greenish yellow veins; F. yellow with greenish yellow veins; white styles with yellow midribs. HM 1978, Mor-A 1981, Mor/W 1986

Ceasar Siberian Iris

$8.50  CAESAR
(Morgan 1924) Bblue-purple; a Canadian intro. One of first hyridized siberian iris.


Ceasar's Brother

(Morgan 1932) Dark violet purple; a Canadian intro, does well everywhere

Chilled wine Siberian Iris   

r    CHILLED WINE  (Hager 1981) M 38" Wine-carmine, blue in center of Falls.   

Dark Circle siberain Iris

$8.50 T
 DARK CIRCLE  (McEwen 1976) M 27" Ruffled violet Standards; Falls dark violet.

        Dark Desire  Siberian

$9.00 DARK DESIRE (Varner 1974)VE 36" Deep blue-purple self with no signal. HM.


Siberian Iris Dirigo Black Velvet

$12.00 DIRIGO BLACK VELVET (White )EM42" Very dark purple-black, gold signal. HM.  

Siberian Iris  Dreaming Late

        Not for sale 2022 DREAMING LATE (Tamberg 1997)M 35" Large flared white. Tetraploid.  


Siberian Iris Echo The Wind

        $11.50 ECHO THE WIND (Schafer/Sacks 1999)EM 31" Standars light viollet, ight eylowl style arms; Falls blue-violet over yellow with\ /ardk yellow signal .  

Siberian Iris Emperor

        $9.00 EMPEROR (Barr 1919) 48" A collected dark blue species.  

Ester CDM Siberian Iris

$11.50     ESTHER C. D. M. (W. McGarvey, R. 1981) 40" M White diploid with wide flareing shape.


Fourfold White Siberain Iris

        $9.50 FOURFOLD WHITE (McEwen 1970)ML36" White self with yellow haft. HM.  

Gatineau Siberian Iris

        $8.00 GATINEAU (Preston 1932)L Light blue self; Canadian introduction..  

Gentle Lass siberian Iris

Not available 2022 GENTLE LASS (Schafer/Sacks 2003) 31" M Pale pink , deeper purplish pink speckling and dappling; slight fragrance. HM 2008


Halycon Seas siberian Iris

$9.50    HALCYON SEAS (F. McCord, 1972)38" M S. deep blue; F. same, shaded violet. HM 1973, Mor 1975.


High Standards Siberian Iris

        $9.00 HIGH STANDARDS (Hollingwor1987)M 44" Dark violet standards; falls violet; gold-yellow signal. Tetraploid. AM  

Iris typifolia

        $8.50 I. typifolia (collected ) Small dark violet flowers; very narrow leaves.