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The following Iris are Beardless. They prefer to remain in established clumps. If they need to be moved or transplanted this should be done in the fall (September in this area) or in early spring. They have to be kept moist while being moved or the plants with perish. They need to be planted as soon as they are received. They are shipped in September and are not shipped with the Bearded Iris.

Various Beardless Iris species. Can be used for different foliage effects. Some of these can be used as pond plants. Some different and unusual Iris plants.

Ally Oops species-X

( Borglum 2000) SPEC-X, 18" EM S. and style arms light blue; F. yellow, blue veining; foliage tall, ribbed center. Parentage unknown --- presumed siberian X pseudacorus Very strong grower. HM AM

cast Ashore species-X

$9.50 CAST ASHORE (Chapman '98 ) ML 30" Cream-white with violet-blue veins; yellow signal, very large flowers, vigorous. An interspecies cross of versicolor X virginica. HM AM

Gerald Darby Species-X Iris   

 $9.00 GERALD DARBY (Darby '1968) 60" Blue-violet, violet leaf base. An interspecies cross of versicolor X virginica.


Iris bucharica  Iris Bucharica

     $7.00 I. bucharica (collected) Very early juno iris. Small yelow & white flowers on miniature corn stalks.Grows exceptionally well for me and blooms very early, with or before miniture dwarfs.

Irislactea species iris chapmaniris.comIris lactea

$8.00 I Lactea
. 22". Very narrow foliage; small delicate with flowers with blue stripes.

Iris tectorum species win         

$8.50 I tectorum  17"Known as Japanese roof iris. Crested . Can be tender in colder areas. Does well as potted plant indoors.



$8.50 I typifolia  33" A siberian species from Mongolia; grass like foliage; purple flowers.



$7.50     I versicolor  20' Blue violet water iris; excellent for ponds but will grow in garden.


Iris virginica shreveii     

 $8.00     I virginica shrevi 32" Moisture loving species like versicolor but wider flowers. Black flower stalks


Park's Sparks

(Tony Huber 2002) SPEC-X (Robusta) , 53" (135 cm), EML
S. violet veined darker ; style arms amethyst violet , border and crests mineral violet ; F. violet purple , signal bright yellow surrounded white, with purple veining; S. less than half size of F. I. versicolor AC-12, coll. on Anticosti Island, Quebec, X Southern Wanderer.