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Beardless - Pseudacorus

This cold hardy species is the yellow flag or pond (swamp) Iris. It does exceptionally well in ponds, but will also do well in the same conditions as Bearded iris. They are usually between 3-6 feet tall and there are tall varieties that can exceed 7 feet in the right conditions. They bloom in June, usually after the Tall Bearded start. The heights etc listed below are for regular garden conditions. They will be taller when grown in water.

This is considered an invassive species in some provinces andd states. Check local status before ordering


Richardson White   

Not Available 2022     RICHARDSON WHITE  ( collected in Hamilton, Ontario by Bruce richarson) 36" Creamy white with purple-veined signal Very hardy.  



 Not Available 2022     E. Turnipseed collected light yellow variation


Frost End Psd Iris   

 $ 9.50      FROST END  ( Huber 2003 )EM 30" White with purple-veined signal.   


Isparta Psd Iris

$9.00 ISPARTA.
40". Wide yellow flowers with delicate brown wash and lines in eye zone. tall: wide foliage. Collected in Turkey by Allen McMurtrie.

Iris New Zealand

$9.00 NEW ZEALAND 40" Bright yl vigorous grower & enthusiastic bloomer; 12-15 buds per stalk..

 Not Available 2022    PSEUDACORUS VARIEGATED 40" Yellow-green and dark green variegated foliage, most pronounced in spring, yellow flower.

. (Huber '93) 47". Double yellow with dark brown markings in centre of falls. HM, AM

Iris suedocorous

$9.00 YELLOW
. 40". Bright yellow. Vigorous grower and enthusiastic bloomer.12-15 buds per stalk.