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Aril Bred

These plants result from crosses of Aril Iris (desert Iris) with Bearded Iris. They show unusual forms, colours and patterns otherwise only seen in the Arils. Although more hardy than the Arils, they still require extra care and many people find them difficult to grow. Many different heights and bloom times. Doesn't like to be wet. Top award is the William Mohr Award. (WM)


After a number of years of groing well, mostof the arilbred dissapeared I'm not going to retry them here. Not reliable in the long haul in this climate. The ones here are the survivors.



Desert Snow AB

Not Available 2018
(Black, 2013) 25" M-L S. and style arms ice-white; F. same, 1˝ blue-black aril signal; beard hairs based white, tips light yellow.

Patriot's Gem AB Iris

$8.00 PATRIOT'S GEM (Gadd 1988) (OGB-) 15" E S. bluebird blue, narrowly edged yellow; darker blue style arms, edged yellow; F. bluebird blue; yellow beard LIMITED


Ulena AR

Not for sale 2018 Ulalena' (G Sutton. 2003).(OGB-) 13"VE_M. Standards and style arms white; falls pale primrose yellow, some green gold veining, darker yellow blaze; beards pale yellow, hairs tipped yellow gold; lightly ruffled.. Honorable Mention 2005; Award of Merit 2007; Mohr Medal 2010.