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Border Bearded
These plants grow shorter than the TB's (16-27") but bloom at the same time. They display well at the front of a bed and are more resistant to wind and rain damage (fallen stalks). Good for areas exposed to wind. Top award is the Knowlton Medal (KM). A good BB also has slightly smaller flowers than TB in order to stay in proportion.

CameoBlush BB

$7.00 CAMEO BLUSH (Weiler. 1998) 25" EML & RE
Soft cameo pink, lightly blushed salmon; beards peachy yellow.


Caprise BB Iris
6.00    CAPRICE ( Vilmorin 1904 ) 20" Phlox purple with darker Falls; shading to blue at hafts; grape fragrance.

Cranapple BB Iris

    $6.50 CRANAPPLE ( Aitken 95 ) EM 24" Cranberry red Standards; velvety red Falls; red beard. HM AM


From Within BB
(M Sutton, 2013) BB, 25" M
S. white ground, cornflower blue overall wash; style arms pale blue; F. white ground, cornflower blue luminata pattern; beards yellow in throat and middle, white at ends; pronounced spicy fragrance; ruffled.


fruit Stripes BB Iris
$7.50 FRUIT STRIPE (M Sutton 2009) 23", EM & RE S. yellow orange flushed pink purple at midrib; style arms yellow orange; F. greyed orange, heavy red-purple wash, greyed orange rim; beards greyed orange tipped orange; slight sweet fragrance.


Glitzorama BB

Sold Out

  GLITZORAMA (Black 2013) 25" E-M S. light cream-tan, narrow gilt gold band; style arms mid yellow; F. light yellow to cream, spot around beard veined and sanded light to mid brown, lower ²⁄₃ mid red-grape with paler rose-grape veins over an all white rim; beards mid yellow-gold; pronounced sweet fragrance


BB Iris Jesse's Edition

    $5.50 r JESSE'S EDITION ( Sutton 1999) ML 25" Blue-purple Standards & stitched edge on white Falls; Fragrant! HM .

BB Iris Lady Of The Night

$7.50 LADY OF THE NIGHT ( Black,P 2008) L 27" Dark purple Standards; Falls near black; yellow bd with white lines beside beard. HM


Lenora Pearl BB Iris

 $8.00  LENORA PEARL (Nichols 1990)EL &Re 27" Ruffled salmon pink with darker beard. HM AM KM


Love Power BB Iris

    LOVE POWER ( Aitken 06 ) ML 24" Pale orchid with bright red beard.

BB Iris Margaret Beauford

$5.50 MARGARET BEAUFORT ( Burton 1994) ML 23" Lavender violet with rosy tints; lemon bd.

Midsummer Eve BB

(D Spoon, 1999) 27" ML & RE
S. and style arms pink; F. peach pink, darker veining; beards tangerine; lightly ruffled, flared. .


Orange Pop bb

(Lauer, R. 1998) Sdlg. 91-189. BB, 26" (66 cm), ML
Ruffled orange self; beards orange; pronounced sweet fragrance.HM 2000, AM 2002, KM 2004.


quaker Lady BB Iris

$5.50 QUAKER LADY ( Farr 1909 ) 30" Lav bitone washed gold; purple based foliage; diploid.


Raspberry Silk BB Iris

Sold Out RASPBERRY SILK (Donald Spoon, R. 2000) Sdlg. 95-182A. BB, 26" (66 cm), M White ground, splashed deep raspberry and infused light pink,
broken color pattern; style arms light pink; beards pink tangerine, white at end and tangerine cherry in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.


Wild BB

$15.00 WILD ( Black 2012) 27" E-M S. and style arms bright apricot orange; F. slightly lighter apricot orange, white luminata plicata haft, washed and sanded overall apricot orange, outer ²⁄₃ washed and marbled garnet, ½˝ band of apricot orange; beards orange; slight spicy fragrance.