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Miniature Tall Bearded
Charming and dainty with thin graceful stems and small, delicate flowers. MDB's are often called Table Iris, referring to their popular use as cut flowers and in flower arrangments. 16-25" tall. Blooms start mid to late May. Top award is the  Williamson-White Medal (WW).



Ace MTB Iris

$5.50 ACE (Miller 1999) M 22" Dark violet plicata on whitet; F overlaid purple solid edge; light violet beard. HM AM WM

Cheerful Doll MTB Iris

$5.50 CHEERFUL DOLL (L Miller 2005) (tet.), 18" E S. and F. deep orchid; style arms orchid pink; beards tangerine; slight sweet fragrance.



Sold Out CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (Kenneth Fisher 2015) 21" L S. rich brown; style arms brown; F. bright purple, purple veining on white ground at hafts, white streak extending from beard; beards orange in throat blending to light yellow to white ends.

MTB Iris Dividing Line

Not Available 2018 DIVIDING LINE (Bunnell 2005)M 22" Violet; Falls with dark violet spot & white line from yellowl beard to petal edge. HM AM. DM 2014

Eramosa Cloud Driffter MTB Iris

$6.50 ERAMOSA CLOUD DRIFTER (Chapman 2009 )ML 20" Delicate violet lines and plicata stitching on whitet ground; white beard. .


eramosa Freckles MTB Iris

$6.50 ERAMOSA FRECKLES (Chapman 2007 )M 21" Violet speckles on yellow Standards & white Falls; yellow rim on Falls; yellow beard.


Hossier Belle

$8.50 HOOSIER BELLE (Charles Bunnell. 2013) 20"-22" M S. light lilac lavender, sometimes aging to near white; style arms very light lavender; F. dark violet, prominent white hafts extending midway, distinctive white rim; beards white; slight spicy fragrance. ..


Hot News MTB

Not Available 2018 HOT NEWS (S Markham 2009) 24" M S. brick red; style arms gold at sides, brick red center and at ends; F. wine red, gold at hafts, blue flash under gold beards; slight fragrance. HM 2011..



Not available 2018 ICING
(S Markham 2011) 26" ML S. bright white; style arms white; F. white ground, violet plicata lines and dots; beards lemon yellow; purple base foliage; slight fragrance

In My Veins MTB

$7.50 IN MY VEINS(Bunnell 2009) 18-20" ML S. antique brass ground speckled and veined maroon; style arms antique brass, slight maroon midrib; F. white ground, intermittent veining, gold edge; beards yellow tipped white. HM 2012.


Rosemary Brown MTB

Sold Out ROSEMARY BROWN (2014) 24" M T. Delightful delicate flowers and flower stock with many sequential flowers. Yellow standards over white falls with yellow hafts. (unknown parentage)


Scrambled MTB

(Black 2014) 23" M-L S. white blended to mid violet edge, sometimes violet striations around outer ¹⁄₃; style arms white; F. white, irregular and random striations, lines and segments of mid violet to dark purple; beards marigold in throat, mid yellow in middle, white end, hairs based white; slight musky fragrance; sometimes bitone as standards can be light violet and falls dark purple

speck So MTB Iris

Not Available 2018 SPECK SO ( Wulf 2002 )M 20" Buff Standards; Falls white with violet plicata stitching; yellow beard.