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Standard Dwarf Bearded

These Iris grow 8-15" tall and bloom here from early May to early June. They quickly form clumps and have many colours not often seen in other types. They do well in borders and rock gardens and tolerate shade better than the taller plants. Top award is the Cook Douglas Medal (CD).

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Absolute Joy iris

    Sold Out $6.50 ABSOLUTE JOY
(Atkin 2006) M 10.5" Bright pink self, fuchsia purple spot on F.; beards coral pink. (Tiny Titan X unknown).
HM 2008, AM 2010.

Acid Test SDB

$6.00 ACID TEST (Blyth 2012) EM 12" S. apricot; F. apricot, tan veins radiating outward from beards, white blaze; beards white base, hairs tipped tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance.

Actor iris

Not Available 2019 ACTOR
(P Black) 15.5" E-M S. dark burgundy, darker midrib and veins over upper, small buff patch at base heavily sanded burgundy; style arms dark burgundy, mid-tan edges; F. dark burgundy with darker veins, mid-yellow patch around beard dotted and veined dark brown, small violet flash at end of beard; beards white base, hairs tipped light-violet blending to old gold in lower half

Ahwanee Princess SDB iris

Not for sale 2019 AHWAHNEE PRINCESS (G Sutton 2004) EM & reL 12" Pale orient pink; beards wistaria blue, soft orange in throat. HM 2006


Ambitious One SDB
  Sold Out $8.00 AMBITIOUS ONE
(T Johnson 2013) 12" E S. light yellow-green flushed deeper yellow in center, fine violet plicata ground petal edges and up midribs; style arms medium purple; F. white ground with yellow wash, violet plicata at hafts, fall petal reverse is yellow-green; beards orange in throat progressing to white at end, violet hair tips; musky fragrance .


Autumn Jester SDB Iris

Sold Out $6.00  AUTUMN JESTER (Chapman 2000) R E 13" A purple self that reblooms at IB height.
Very reliable rebloom. Reblooms in Winnipeg Ag zone 2a

Azure Like It SDB Iris

$7.00 AZURE LIKE IT (Larry Lauer, R. 2005) 13.5" EM S. wisteria blue luminata wash overall; style arms wisteria blue; F. white, wisteria blue luminata wash extending downward, white area around beard; beards white, tangerine orange in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.