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Greetings for 2015

Sorry for being so late with updatres this year. I'm taking University courses in winter and some of the projects take up more time then planned, so when exams and projects are finished it then gets to be a rush to get everything up to date.

A lot of soft rot in spring , so it took awhile to get that all cleaned up and to see what has survived. Many plants are in limited number, so if you wish a large number of something, contact me via e-mail (

If there is a cultivar you must have, let me know. I may have it or be able to let you know where it is available. Be aware that if it is special because of it's colour, that there are many iris with similar colours and patterns, and a substitute may be available that is more suitable for the Canadian climate.

A number of nice seedlings this year. Next year there will be a large bed of seedlings blooming. Seeds got in late last year but growing nicely and promise to have a nice bloom next year.

Chuck Chapman