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Miniature Dwarf Bearded
The smallest and earliest of the bearded Iris. Starts to bloom here in early May. Up to 8" tall. They make good rock garden and Border plants. They can be subject to winter heaving. Top award is the Caparne-Welch Medal (CW). Caperne Award (CA) was earlier equivilant to Award of Merit (AM).


Eramosa Peeper

ERAMOSA PEEPER (Chuck Chapman 2020) MDB 8" VE A true MDB, blooming two weeks before the SDB. Most MDB currently introduced are short SDB and bloom with SDB. Pale blue, darker around blue beard. Has occasionally rebloomed in my zone 4 garden, should rebloom regularly in warmer climates.. Seedling 07-012-2: Iris pumilla seedling X Forever Blue)..........$9.00


Forever Violet

 FOREVER VIOLET (Chapman '2002) Re ML 7.5" Smooth violet self with dark violet beard and streak from beard to petal edge. Strong rebloom, even in colder climates....Listing .Depemds on spring update


Sleeppy time MDB Iris

 SLEEPY TIME (Schreiner's 1987) VE 7"Pale light blue self with white beard. HM 1990
....Not Available 2022


WIGGLE (Paul Black, 1999) 7" (18 cm), M S. deep wine, slight yellow ground on either side of midrib; style arms deep wine; F. yellow ground, wine veins along orange gold beard, wide wine band with dots on inner edge; slight musky fragrance. Static sib X Wacko. Mid-America 1999. HM 2002, AM 2005.........SOLD OUT $7.50



WISE (Tom Johnson 2001) (18 cm), E S. and style arms dark purple; F. darker purple, dark purple band; beards white, gold in throat, wide and bushy; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance. Bee Mused X Tweety Bird.. HM 2003, AM 2005, Cap-W 2007.......................SOLD OUT $7.00