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SDB's - T-Y


Tasty SDB

$9.00 TASTY
(Black 2015) 14" M-L S. butter yellow; style arms same, mid peach ridge; F. light butter peach, mid peach haft; beards tangerine; glaciata; slight spicy fragrance.  


Toffee Time SDB

Sold Out $6.50 TOFFEE TIME (Chapman 2015) SDB EM 11" An intriguing and uniquely coloured luminanta. Standards a dark mustard yellow with light brown line up center; falls a dark mustard yellow with toffe brown centre, and white luminanta spot around beard; beard tangerine on throat half, rhne yellow with last 1/4 white.


SDB Tuned In

Sold Out $9.00 TUNED IN
(Thomas Johnson 2016) 10" (25 cm), E S. salmon-buff pink; F. salmon to light pink with deep pink plicata peppering over petals deeper at hafts, near white at end of beard; beards tangerine; slight fragrance. .  


SDB Twitter

Sold Out $8.50 TWITTER
(Thomas Johnson 2009) 12" (30 cm), M S. bright canary yellow; style arms white, crests and edges yellow; F. bright canary yellow, large white spot around beard; beards yellow orange, white at end; sweet fragrance .  


Urban Myth SDB Iris

Not Available 2021 URBAN MYTH (Chapman 2011) EM14"Dark purple; with white area around white beards, small white dart at end of beards.


Wee Granny Smith SDB

Not Available 2021WEE GRANNY SMITH
(Chuck Chapman, 2005) 10" (25 cm), EM Chartreuse green self, S. darker at rim, F. have olive lines at haft; beards blue tipped green in throat; slight fragrance. .

Yellow Hornet SDB Iris

$6.00 YELLOW HORNET (Chapman 2012) M 12" Yellow standards; falls pastel yellow with tan yellow lines, white beard tipped tangerine orange. From plicata breeding, so consider this a yellow plicata.