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Quarter Moon SDB iris

Not Available 2019 QUARTER MOON
(M Smith. 2011) 13" E S. butter yellow, green midrib; style arms yellow; F. pale yellow center; golden tan plicata dots ¼˝ or more on shoulders, few dark brown lines on upper petal parallel to beard, dark center stripe; beards orange, large, fuzzy; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance


Red Rabbit SDB

Sold Out $5.50 RED RABBIT
(Spoon 2002) 10" EM Deep red with bluish cast, F. with red spot; beards deep bluish red; ruffled

Reddy Freddie SDB Iris

Sold Out $7.00 REDDY FREDDIE (M Sutton 2012) 10" EM Standards and style arms fuchia purple; Falls magnolia purple, cardinal red thumbprint, near black around beards; beards mustard, hairs white tipped mustard; pronounced spicy fragrance


Riviting SDB iris

(Paul Black 2009) 15" (38 cm), ML S. and style arms white; F. white, dark inky blue-purple blended spot covering ¾ of petal, wide short white darts along beard, heart of haft grey olive; beards light yellow, white at end; ruffled; pronounced spicy fragrance. HM 2011.

Ruby Eruption SDB Iris

$6.50 RUBY ERUPTION (Chapman 1997 )ML 12" Dark ruby red plicata on bright yellow ground; cream beard. HM AM Cook-Douglas Medal

Ruby Passion SDB Iris
  $6.00 RUBY PASSION (Chapman 2004) M 11" Dark ruby Standards & veins & edge on Falls on yellow ground, wide orange beard.

Ruth's Choice SDB Iris

Sold Out $7.00 RUTH'S CHOICE (Chapman 2013) M 13" and Rebloom Standards blue-violet, darker at base; style arms blue-violet; F. olive, blue lines at hafts; beards blue-violet, hairs tipped olive..