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Paradigm shift SDB Iris

     PARADIGM SHIFT (Chapman 2007) EM 13" Standards blue plicata center with yellow rim; falls yellow plicata spots, yellow beard. Loomis Award 2010, Gold Medal German Iris International Competition 2008  

Party Animal SDB

Not for sale 2018
(Chapman 2000) 11" M S. and style arms medium apricot orange; F. dark burgundy red, 1/4" medium apricot orange edge; beards tangerine, redder in throat.  

Puddy Tat SDB

    Not for sale 2018 PUDDY TAT (Black 2002) 13" L S. and style arms blue white; F. blue black, precise 1/8" blue white band, beard with white starburst alongside and dart at end; beards heavy, blue white to violet white, gold in throat; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.

Pole Dancer SDB Iris

    Pole Dancer (Cjhapman 2012) 14" M Heavily washed and stippled purplish-pink plicata on cream ground. Brownish-pink at hafts. Intense wide solid coral beard. Fast grower. 


Not for sale 2018 PURPLE PAWS (Black 2013) 11" E-M S. light butter-yellow, ¾˝ mottled sanded red-violet plicata band and random dotting over center, darker purple midrib; style arms dark red-purple, grey-white edge; F. white, outer haft heavily washed red-violet, dark plum veins over inner haft, dark blue-black lines beside beard, mid lime-yellow textured veins and narrow band around distal ¹⁄₃; beards dark navy in throat, brown-black in middle, brown dots on tips of beard, hairs based white; pronounced sweet fragrance.