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Magneto SDB

$6.00 MAGNETO (Chapman 2014) 11.5" E Dramatic colours in this Paradigm Shift child. Another variation on ringed plicata in SDB. Reddish purple standards. Falls a blend of purplish red and reddish-purple. Tan haft lines and narrow rim. White veins around light lavender beard tipped tan. (Paradigm Shift X UKN)

Marksman SDB

Sold Out $6.50 MARKSMAN
(Marky Smith 1999) 13" (33 cm), M S. hot orange (between RHS 21C and 163C); style arms pale orange, crest hot orange; F. faintly smoked hot orange (22A to 163A); beards vermilion (30A); ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.

Missish SDB

$6.50    MISSISH (Spoon 2013) ML 13" Medium rose plicata border on peach ground, darker rose veins in hafts and shoulders, solid rose border on lower half, semi-flared; beards cream-white, tips spectrum-red


Naked Grape SDB Iris

(Chapman 2011) 14" EML S. pastel pink washed dusty light violet, darker at edges; style arms pink; F. pastel pink washed dusty light violet, near solid toward edges, tan pink rims, cream center area below beards, tan hafts; beards tangerine, pale violet at end; slight musky fragrance. Co-Ed Flirt X unknown


Ninja Turtle SDB

$7.00 NINJA TURTLES (Aitken 2008) 10" ML
Standards and style arms olive; Falls olive plicata, white halo around beard, faint blue halo at olive rim; beards blue

Northern Exposure SDB iris

Not available 2019 NORTHERN EXPOSURE
(Chuck Chapman 2002) 11" (28 cm), EM S. and style arms light greyed yellow; F. white ground, faint blue plicata wash, stippling and dotting in wide marginal band, dark yellow brown haft lines; beards blue violet, hairs tipped orange. .Limited

Oh Canada SDB iris

Not available 2019 OH CANADA
(T Johnson 2015) 13" E S. and style arms light blue; F. blue wash, central maroon spot with white rays radiating from beard; beards yellow in throat, ends blue with white tips; slight fragrance.

Oddbod SDB iris

$6.00 ODDBOD (Blyth 2004) 15" ML
Standards light brown, violet flush and veining toward midrib; Falls light brown, blended lavender wash on lower half fading toward edge, white flash either side of beard; beards layered bronze, lavender, to white base; luminata;