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Lady In Red SDB Iris

Not Available 2018 LADY IN RED (Willott 1973 )M 12" Red with brighter area around gold and violet beard.


Leprechaun's Purse SDB

$5.00 LEPRECHAUN’S PURSE ‘99 M 12" Very light cream with hint of a green tint. Falls have the gold coin that you would expect to find inside a leprechaun’s purse. Mrs Leprechaun has decorated the top of the purse (standards) with pastel green midribs and uniquely scalloped edges. Beards are light violet, orange in throat.

Let It Snow  SDB  SDB iris

Not Available 2018 LET IT SNOW (J. T. Aitken. 2014) 10" (25 cm), M S. white; F. pale blue fading to white; beards yellow in throat, white end, hairs based white.

Little Firecracker SDB Iris

Not Available 2018 LITTLE FIRECRACKER (Chuck Chapman, 1997) 15" M S. and style arms light butterscotch orange; F. dark butterscotch orange, edged lighter; beards bright tangerine red; slight fragrance.

Lookout Sunshine SDB Iris

$5.00 LOOKOUT SUNSHINE (Chapman 2009 )EM 12" Yellow tinted and lightly veined green; fringed rims; light yellow beard.


Lust For Lemon SDB iris

Sold Out LUST FOR LEMON (Paul Black. 2016) , 12" (30 cm), M-L S. and style arms mid lemon-ice; F. same, darker yellow haft area, white patch around end of beard; beards mid yellow in throat, light yellow in middle, near white end; glaciata; slight sweet fragrance. .