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SDB's - G


Gag Gift SDB

$10.50 GAG GIFT
(Black 2013) 15.75" M-L S. light butter-yellow, purple-black midrib and base, ¾˝ wide mid-dark red-purple sanded and lined plicata band; style arms mid red-violet crests and midribs, light rose-tan edges; F. mid butter-yellow, haft lined dark plum, wide dark red-purple plicata band narrowing at distal end and wide line from beard to ½˝ from edge of fall, center randomly dotted red-purple; beard hairs based white, dark yellow in throat, mid yellow in middle, white at end; pronounced spicy fragrance; wide variation in amount of plicata marks.

Gate to Paradise SDB

Sold Out GATE TO PARADISE (Black 2014) 12" M-L S. light cameo pink, light olive line up midrib, blue-violet base; style arms light pink, light violet ridge and edge; F. warm white, pale cameo pink haft and ¹⁄₈˝ band; beards mid brassy brown in throat, mid dark indigo in middle, dark indigo at end; slight spicy fragrance. .

Glebe Brook SDB Iris

$5.00 GLEBE BROOK (Burton 1999) 12" Powder blue veined green with blue halo around blue beard. HM

Going In Circles SDB

(Black 2013) 13" E-M S. mid light lilac, grey-blue textured veins; style arms light old gold crests, edge and midrib, mid grey-blue center; F. mid garnet, short white veins beside beards, ¾˝ mid light lilac band; beards marigold in throat, mid yellow in middle, white at end; slight musky fragrance.

Gold Lantern SDB

(Spoon 2013) 10" EML & RE S. gold-yellow , closed, olive-green pattern inside base; style arms gold-yellow midrib, cream-white edge inside, gold-yellow outside; F. gold-yellow, brown-olive spot bisected with gold-yellow midline, arched; beards solid orange; sweet fragrance; ruffled. .

Gold Reward SDB

(Aitken 2015) 12" EM &Deep rich gold self with inky dark blue beards.

Green Oasis SDB Iris

$9.50 GREEN OASIS (Black 2013) ML 13" Light azure-blue; lime-green washed spot, mid blue textured veins; beards dark lilac

Green gizmo SDB Iris

    $Sold Out GREEN GIZMO (Vizvarie 1992) M 12" Cream standards; falls lime green; grey-blue beard; fragrant.


GREEN SPOT (P. Cook 1951) 10" E White self, green spot on falls. .

gummy Bear SDB Iris

 $6.50 GUMMY BEAR (Chapman 2007)M 12" Honey orange falls; honey-orange standards; big bushy orange beard