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Gag gift SDB iris

(Black 2013) 15.75" M-L S. light butter-yellow, purple-black midrib and base, ¾˝ wide mid-dark red-purple sanded and lined plicata band; style arms mid red-violet crests and midribs, light rose-tan edges; F. mid butter-yellow, haft lined dark plum, wide dark red-purple plicata band narrowing at distal end and wide line from beard to ½˝ from edge of fall, center randomly dotted red-purple; beard hairs based white, dark yellow in throat, mid yellow in middle, white at end; pronounced spicy fragrance; wide variation in amount of plicata marks.

Gate To Paradise SDB iris

Sold Out GATE TO PARADISE (Black 2014) 12" M-L S. light cameo pink, light olive line up midrib, blue-violet base; style arms light pink, light violet ridge and edge; F. warm white, pale cameo pink haft and ¹⁄₈˝ band; beards mid brassy brown in throat, mid dark indigo in middle, dark indigo at end; slight spicy fragrance. .Limited

Glebe Brook SDB Iris

Not Available 2018 GLEBE BROOK (Burton 1999) 12" Powder blue veined green with blue halo around blue beard. HM

Gift Of Gab SDB iris

(Paul Black 2013) 12" (30 cm), M-L S. white, base and midrib dark plum, wide ²⁄₃ solid dark grape plicata band stitched darker, random dark grape sanding and dotting over ¹⁄₃ of center; style arms dark purple crests, mid purple midribs, silver-grey edge; F. white, light lime-yellow haft, heavily washed and dotted dark plum-purple, remainder of fall white, narrow mid grape plicata band, random dotting over center, small half moon mid purple spot at end of beard; beard hairs based white, tips mid yellow; slight musky fragrance .

Going In Circles SDB

(Black 2013) 13" E-M S. mid light lilac, grey-blue textured veins; style arms light old gold crests, edge and midrib, mid grey-blue center; F. mid garnet, short white veins beside beards, ¾˝ mid light lilac band; beards marigold in throat, mid yellow in middle, white at end; slight musky fragrance.

Gold Lantern SDB

Not Available 2018 GOLD LANTERN
(Spoon 2013) 10" EML & RE S. gold-yellow , closed, olive-green pattern inside base; style arms gold-yellow midrib, cream-white edge inside, gold-yellow outside; F. gold-yellow, brown-olive spot bisected with gold-yellow midline, arched; beards solid orange; sweet fragrance; ruffled. .

Green Spot SDB iris

GREEN SPOT (P. Cook 1951) 10" E White self, green spot on falls. An old classic SDB .

gummy Bear SDB Iris

 Not For sale 2018 GUMMY BEAR (Chapman 2007)M 12" Honey orange falls; honey-orange standards; big bushy orange beard