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SDB's - F

Fairy Legion SDB iris

Not available 2018  FAIRY LEGION (Black 2015) 13" E-M S. white, green tint to rib, mid violet stitched wire rim edge; style arms mid-dark purple, darker crest; F. white, outer haft dark violet plicata wash ending in narrow plicata rim ¹⁄₃ down petal, chalky light blue wash each side of beard; beards mid marigold in throat, light marigold in middle, white end, hairs based white


Fairy Ring SDB
Not for sale 2018 FAIRY RING
(Duane Meek 1998) 11" E S. white, dark blue violet band; style arms blue violet; F. white, deep blue violet haft area, very narrow blue violet rim wider near haft; beards white, some hairs tipped dark violet, giving dotted effect; ruffled. HM 2001, AM 2003.     

forever Blue SDB Iris

Not Available 2018  FOREVER BLUE (Chapman 1997) E & Rebloom 12" Light blue; dark violet -blue beards; very strong rebloomer. HM AM


Fruit Cup SDB iris

$7.50 FRUIT CUP (Black, 2014) 14" M-L S. light buff-peach, lilac haze over center, narrow buff band; style arms mid buff-peach, pink midrib, pale rose center; F. pale buff-peach patch around beards, veined mid plum transitioning to mottled plum band, outer ¹⁄₃ washed light lilac, tan-peach rim; beards mid orange; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Fudge Icing SDB Iris

$6.50 FUDGE ICING M 14" EM Standards dusty plum plicata wash and veins on yellow ground. Falls rosy brown wash and plicata veining at edge. Beard white, tipped orange


Fun In The sun SDB

$8.00 FUN IN THE SUN (Black 2013) 14" M-L S. white, mid green midrib, fine mid lime-yellow veins to within ¼˝ of edge; style arms white, mid yellow crests and edge; F. white, large blended bright mid yellow spot, deeper over haft, lime-yellow textured veins, narrow mid yellow blended band; beards dark marigold in throat, mid marigold in middle, mid light yellow at end; slight musky fragrance; glaciata.