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SDB's - F

Fairy Legion SDB iris

$8.00  FAIRY LEGION (Black 2015) 13" E-M S. white, green tint to rib, mid violet stitched wire rim edge; style arms mid-dark purple, darker crest; F. white, outer haft dark violet plicata wash ending in narrow plicata rim ¹⁄₃ down petal, chalky light blue wash each side of beard; beards mid marigold in throat, light marigold in middle, white end, hairs based white


Fairy Ring SDB
   Not for sale 2017 FAIRY RING
(Duane Meek 1998) 11" E S. white, dark blue violet band; style arms blue violet; F. white, deep blue violet haft area, very narrow blue violet rim wider near haft; beards white, some hairs tipped dark violet, giving dotted effect; ruffled. HM 2001, AM 2003.     

forever Blue SDB Iris

$5.50  FOREVER BLUE (Chapman 1997) E & Rebloom 12" Light blue; dark violet -blue beards; very strong rebloomer. HM AM


Fruit Cup SDB iris

$8.50 FRUIT CUP (Black, 2014) 14" M-L S. light buff-peach, lilac haze over center, narrow buff band; style arms mid buff-peach, pink midrib, pale rose center; F. pale buff-peach patch around beards, veined mid plum transitioning to mottled plum band, outer ¹⁄₃ washed light lilac, tan-peach rim; beards mid orange; pronounced sweet fragrance.


Fudge Icing SDB Iris

$6.50 FUDGE ICING M 14" EM Standards dusty plum plicata wash and veins on yellow ground. Falls rosy brown wash and plicata veining at edge. Beard white, tipped orange


Fun In The sun SDB

Not for sale for 3017 FUN IN THE SUN (Black 2013) 14" M-L S. white, mid green midrib, fine mid lime-yellow veins to within ¼˝ of edge; style arms white, mid yellow crests and edge; F. white, large blended bright mid yellow spot, deeper over haft, lime-yellow textured veins, narrow mid yellow blended band; beards dark marigold in throat, mid marigold in middle, mid light yellow at end; slight musky fragrance; glaciata.