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SDB's - D-E

Dark Rings SDB Irsi

$5.50  DARK RINGS (Gatty 1993)EM13" Showy blue-purple on white plicata; wide, round, ruffled. HM

Dark Vader SDB

Sold Out DARK VADER ( L. Miller 1987) 11" (28 cm), M S. dark blue violet; F. black; bushy blue beard; ruffled. . HM 1989, AM 1991, Cook-Douglas 1993 .

Dazzle Baby SDB

Not Available 2018 DAZZLE BABY(D Spoon 2013) 13" ML S. cream-white yellow-green veins at base, erect; style arms cream-white, bright yellow edge, laced crest; F. cream-white, blend of violet-blue spot bisected with white sunspray, white spike at end of beards, light chartreuse at base, haft veins citron-green, tan at base, ruffled, flared; beards cream-white, tipped yellow-orange ; slight sweet fragrance; diamond dusted .

Devil Baby SDB iris

Sold Out DEVIL BABY (Keith Keppel 2005) 10" (25 cm), M S. blackish granada red; style arms crest ; falls red black; beards dark purple end, hairs tipped mustard brown, throat mustard, base white. HM 2007, AM 2009. .

Didgerrido  Iris

Sold Out    DIDGERIDO (Chapman 2005)M 13" Dark red on bright yellow plicata, near solid standards; bright orange beard.


Dragon's Den SDB

$7.00 DRAGON'S DEN (Chapman, 2002) 13" ML S. and F. dusty rose pink with darker center blending to dusty apricot edge; style arms dusty rose pink; beards dark coral red, base blue.


Eramosa Enigma SDB Iris

$7.00 ERAMOSA ENIGMA (Chuck Chapman 2001) SDB, 11" M lilac violet wash over lighter violet blue; beards medium violet.


Eramosa OJ SDB

 $6.50 ERAMOSA OJ (Chapman, 2014) 11.5" M Peach-orange self; beards solid coral-red; slight sweet fragrance

Eramosa Skies SDB Iris

$5.00     ERAMOSA SKIES (Chapman 1996)M 13" Smooth sky blue self; light violet beard. HM

Eramosa Ommpa-Loompa SDB Iris

$6.50 ERAMOSA OMMPA_LOOMPA (Chapman 2012) L 14" Standards light tan with purple-violet centre wash; falls sanded brown over white with viole lines at base of beard.


Eye Of The Tiger SDB Iris

 Not for sale 2018 EYE OF TH E TIGER (Black 2008) ML 15.5" Buff-gold, lighter in center of Standaars; large garnet spot on falls; , medium buff-gold haft veins beside beard; beards white tipped dark orange; ruffled; pronounced strawberry fragrance. HM 2010, AM 2012.