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SDB's - C1

Cache of gold

$6.00     CACHE OF GOLD
(George Sutton 2004) 11" (28 cm), EM Gold self ; beards gold, whitish at end; slight sweet fragrance. HM 2006, AM 2008



Sold Out     CALICO LACE
(Donald Spoon, R. 2005) 12" (30 cm), EM S. and style arms peachy pink; F. white ground peppered and streaked rosy pink, lighter peachy-pink edges; beards white tipped orange red


Canadian Kisses SDB Iris

Not Available 2018 CANADIAN KISSES (Paul Black, 2006) 14" (36 cm), EM S. palest blue white, clear medium azure-blue plicata marks in center, wide plicata band, darker stitching around edge; style arms medium dark blue; F. white, clear medium azure blue plicata band wide at haft and narrowing to almost none at distal edge, dark plum plicata marks in throat; beards white tipped bright yellow gold.


Cantique SDB

$6.00     CANTIQUE
(Chapman, 2001) 12" M Smooth pastel cantaloupe orange, F. with orange brown spot lined pastel orange near beard, and narrow darker orange rim; beards light orange and white, orange tangerine in throat.


Catnip SDB iris

Not Available 2018    CATNIP
(Paul Black. 2016) 13" (33 cm), E-M S. dull mid gold, lighter center plicata dotted mid brown, petal interior is white with minimal dark violet dotting; style arms white, dull gold ridge and crest; F. light gold-yellow haft to just beyond beard, plicata veined and sanded dark tan, white distal ¹⁄₃ with mid brown intermittent veins and dark tan plicata band to narrow old gold banded margin; beards marigold, large; pronounced spicy fragrance. Very limited


Cat's Eye SDB Iris

$6.50     CAT'S EYE (Black 2002)M 15" Mauve with veined dark red spot on falls; gold beard. HM AM CD


Not Available 2018     CHUBBY CHEEKS (
Black, 1985) 12" E S. white ground, stitched light violet, greyed chartreuse band; F. white ground, stitched violet around outer portion, widely banded greyed chartreuse; pale violet beard tipped tangerine in throat; ruffled; pronounced sweet fragrance. HM 1987, AM 1989, Cook-Douglas 1991