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SDB's - B


Bantam Prince SDB Iris

$7.50 BANTAM PRINCE (Chapman 1999)E 10" Dark royal purple with large black cherry veined spot.


Bazinga iris

Not available 2022 BAZINGA (Paul Black. 2016) 15" (38 cm), M-L S. mid clear yellow, green veins up midrib, upper ¼ washed and veined mid brown; style arms cream white, mid yellow edges and crests; F. clear yellow-white throat to mid yellow haft, white crescent at end of beard, finely veined mid violet to ½˝ plum band around distal ¹⁄₃ blending to ½˝ light tan-brown band back to haft; beards mid orange in throat, mid orange to yellow in middle, mid yellow over white at end; luminata; slight spicy fragrance.


Bass Note

$12.00 BASS NOTE (Chuck Chapman. 2021) Blend of tan, purple and yellow. A luminata-plicata Standards are a dusty tan with violet flushed from midribs. Falls are base yellow at base with chocolate veining, going into chocolate rim with botom half of falls a dusty tan-yellow with violet highlights. Style arms tan overlayed violet. Beards white with bottom half dark orange. Faint floral fragrance. Sdlg 08-409-1 (05-013-1:(Buster x Ruby Eruption) x 05-013-1:(Buster X Ruby Eruption)).


Beginner's surf SDB Iris

$7.00 BEGINNERS SURF(Sutton,G 2008)EM 11" Light butterfly blue, darker beard and style arm


SDB Iris Being Busy

$7.00 BEING BUSY (Hager 1993) ML 14" Yellow S; F maroon edged mauve; blue bd. HM


Bit of Gilt

Not Available 2021 BIT OF GILT (Paul Black 2009) 15" (38 cm), ML S. magenta purple center blended to charcoal plum edge, magenta purple plicata dots over cream midrib, gilt gold edges along lower margin; style arms charcoal purple; F. very wide magenta-purple plicata band, small flesh spot around beards, darker edges, charcoal plum plicata hafts, gilt gold rims along upper edge of hafts; beards orange in throat, greyed orange in middle, violet at end; ruffled, gilt edging variable; pronounced spicy fragrance.. HM 2012.


black Lightning SDB Iris

Sold Out $7.00 BLACK LIGHTNING (Chapman 2009 )M 14" Dark purple-black; striking violet beard, stunning. Rare rebloom in north. Reblooms southern climates.


(Paul Black, 2016) 15.5" (39 cm), E-L S. clear mid yellow; style arms warm white, clear mid yellow crests; F. white, wide blended clear light-mid yellow band; beard hairs based white, dark tangerine in throat, mid tangerine in middle, ends dotted tangerine, wide; glaciata; slight musky fragrance

Blueberry Tart SDB Iris

Sold Out $7.50 BLUEBERRY TART (Chapman 2002 ) Re E 11" Blue standards nd thin rim on tan falls with maroon spot; blue beard. Strong rebloom, up to Zone 2a Very popular, sold around the world. HM AM