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New Introductions 2020

All of this years intoductions are unusually hardy. they have been grown for some time heare and survived a number of climate challenges, and thrived.

They should do well in cold climates. When my cold hardy introductions, so far when grown in hot climates also do well.


2020 Collection. One each of this years introduction ..........................$150.00

For cold climates of Agricultural zone 3 Special offer One each of 2020 introductions ............$90.00


MDB Eramosa Peeper

ERAMOSA PEEPER (Chuck Chapman 2020) MDB 8" VE A true MDB, blooming two weeks before the SDB. Most MDB currently introduced are short SDB and bloom with SDB. Pale blue, darker around blue beard. Has occasionally rebloomed in my zone 4 garden, should rebloom regularly in warmer climates.. Seedling 07-012-2: Iris pumilla seedling X Forever Blue) .............$10.00


SDB Stripe it Up

STRIPE IT UP(Chuck Chapman 2020) SDB0 L 15" Another strong growing performer in my garden. Never fails to produce.Intriguing blend of pinkinsh tan and dusty purple with a darker tripe on both standards and falls. Topped up with contrasting tangerine-red beard which maks the whole thing pop. Seedling 07-382-4:(03-299-1:(Summoned Spirit ) X (Sdlg- unknown parentage)) X 03-291-1:(94-289-1:(92-110-5:(87-027-09: (Solar Flight X Pulse Rate) X Orange Tiger) X 92-112-1:(Straw Hat X 87-27-09:(Solar Flight X Pulse Rate))) X 98-B35-1:(96-054-4 X UNK (bee pod))))............................ $15.00


IB Retutning Fancy

RETURNING FANCY (Chuck Chapman, 2020) IB Medium and rebloom 23"Strong reliable rebloom in Ag zone 4 on this bright yellow glaciata. Yellow beardis bright tangerine in throat. Dark yellows, and especially glaciatas are weak cold climate gowers. This has both, and is a strong cold hardy plant. This IB is fertile. Offering exciting breeding possibilities. 08-635-1: Blessed Again X Fancy Woman........ $20.00


BB Eramosa Celebration

ERAMOSA CELEBRATION (Chuck Chapman 2020) BB Medium 26" A vigourous grower grabng attention . Standards pinkish tan with reddish purple stripe. Falls reddish purple. Tangerine red beard. 08-032-1 ukn mixed up tag...................$25.00


TB Canadian Rerun

CANADIAN RERUN (Chuck Chapman 2020) TB Early and rebloom 32" A fancy plicata . Washed and streaked purple on white ground, darker on standards and rim . Reblooms consistently in my Ag zone 4 garden. Seedling 05-15-1 (Laced Cotton X Sweet Linda)........................$45.00

TB Eramosa Lassie

ERAMOSA LASSIE (Chuck Chapman 2020) TB 34" E A unique colour. White with an olive-yellow large spot on falls. Lines in throat. Yellow beard. Seedling 06-555-1:(92-L4(parentage unknown) X Dream Of Gold) .............$45.00

Ragtime singer-1TB Ragtime Singer -2TB Ragtime singer -3

RAGTIME SINGER (Chuck Chapman 2020) TB 34" Late. A variable colour presenting many faces. A blending, wash of redish vioet and yellow tan. Has a consistant rim around falls. Has proven to be very cold hardy. I bloom season of 2020, when flowering was heavily damaged by cold late frost, this bloomed on all plants, out performing everything ese in garden.Seedling 09-1490-1:(06-050-1(Eramosa Blushing Bride X City of Gold)X Balderdash) .............$50.00